Hubzilla Server - Setup

  System check

libCurl PHP module(required)
GD graphics PHP module(required)
OpenSSL PHP module(required)
PDO database PHP module(required)
mb_string PHP module(required)
xml PHP module(required)
zip PHP module(required)
.htconfig.php is writable(required)
store is writable(required)
store/[data]/smarty3 is writable(required)
Generate encryption keys(required)
Command line PHP (/usr/bin/php)
PHP register_argc_argv(required)
PHP upload limits
Your max allowed total upload size is set to 8 MB. Maximum size of one file to upload is set to 2 MB. You are allowed to upload up to 20 files at once.This is not sufficient to upload larger images or files. You should be able to upload at least 4 MB at once.

You can adjust these settings in the server php.ini file.
Url rewrite is working(required)